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Y’all, it’s officially fall. No really. As of Monday September 23, it is faaaaalllllll. And if you’re anything like me, then you're not ready to give up your summer wardrobe. But fear not, we have a few styling solutions to lessen the blow. Today, we present to you...drum roll please...TRANSITIONAL STYLING FOR AUTUMN 2019.

Grungy Mismatched Layers: First of all: layer, layer, layer! Layering is everything. When you style mismatched layers together, it creates an enviable grungy street style that is popping up in stores all over like Zara and Peek & Cloppenburg. This is the perfect opportunity to wear some high waisted jeans, a cropped sweatshirt and a heavy flannel overtop. Top it off with some Dr. Martens and you’ll be  Queen of the Grunge. 

Warm and Floral: You know all those midi dresses and skirts you stocked up on all summer? Well you’d be happy to know they have a place in fall style too! Everybody loves a good midi, and everybody loves a good chunky sweater...so who wouldn’t love them together? For something super stylish, I’d pair a dark floral midi with a cream sweater, black sock booties, and a black crossbody bag! 

Harvest Crop (tops): If you were on instagram at all this past summer, then you know that feminine crop tops took over and I’m glad to say they’re here to stay. This fall you’ll see an influx of super feminine bustier crop tops that can easily be styled for the chilly weather with a brown leather pencil skirt, maroon t-bar heels, and a double breasted camel hair coat. Not too warm, not too cold...but definitely too hot.

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