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The French Capsule Wardrobe

Every college student knows how hard it is to stretch their money...rent, groceries, social life; the list goes on and on. While I’ve definitely been the girl to spend her grocery money on clothing, it’s not a sustainable way to live...a girls gotta eat! So how do I get around this dilemma? Stretching my wardrobe rather than my money. 3 words: French. Capsule. Wardrobe. 

I think everybody should take notes from the FCW. For one, the FCW focuses on basics. 

  • “Can I wear this over and over again?” 

  • “Does it go with everything I already own?” 

  • “Will it last?” 

These are the questions you should ask yourself. If an item checks off all the boxes, it’s a quality buy. This will make you spend less money on fads, or fashionable items that will be old news all too quickly and in turn, you’ll spend less money in the long run. You can still feel fashionable without all the froufrou nonsense the fashion industry convinces us we need! Newsflash ladies: we can be fashionable in basics. Accessories, makeup, shoes...there are so many options to play it up! And you’re not stuck with only the basics, but it’s a lot easier to have a solid foundation to build from.    

Here are some basics and a way to dress ‘em up!

  • Blue silky button down >>> pair it with distressed boyfriend jeans and wear a contrasting color like yellow on your feet! 

  • White silk tank top >>> pair it with high-waisted denim culottes and some mary jane heels! 

  • Black turtleneck >>> pair it with black high waisted skinny jeans and wear black loafers...add some red lips to channel your inner Audrey hepburn! Bonus: black is such a slimming and sophisticated color, everybody is bound to look and feel chic in this.

Taylor Woodland

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