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Back To School Essentials

Back To School Essentials

The countdown is on! 2 weeks from today we (we being me) are headed back to campus to learn...learn...and learn some more. Being a fashionista makes me really want to stand out on campus, but the *realistic* student in me is a bit stronger than my need to be seen. Because of this, I give you my back to school essentials:

  • Graphic Tees

    • Graphic tees are not only comfortable, but they can be quirky and fun to accessorize! For somebody who likes to be noticed, this is a great option to show your personality, passions, or even mood. Stripes, prints, band tees...they’re all highly encouraged!

  • Dresses

    • August and September are definitely still summer temperatures so sometimes it’s easy breezy to throw on a dress and call it a day. I love midi dresses with leather slip ons and a low, sleek bun for a classy and refined look. Other times I’ll wear a short shift dress and white sneakers accessorized by a curly high ponytail. 

  • Denim - Jeans and Jackets

    • Sorry y'all...I’m not much of a leggings gal unless I’m hungover and accepting the fact that I look like hell or I just came from an actual fitness class (HAHA, not likely). So I’m a big fan of jeans: skinny, boyfriend, high waisted...you name it, I love it. For class, I wear boyfriend jeans the most out of anything because they’re more comfortable than others but they don't sacrifice any style points! They look chic but not like you’re trying too hard. 

    • We all knew this would be on the list: Jean jacket. Classic. Campus style must! Wear it with ANY of the above options and you feel like an automatic cool girl. My personal favorite is to wear it with my distressed black skinny jeans, plain white tee, white sneakers, and a little pop of red on my lips and a quirky belt buckle to tie it all together...french exchange student that has street style down to a science? Check!

      • Pro tip: don't put your arms through the arm holes! You’ll feel even cooler draping it over your shoulders + you wont get too hot for the next couple months!

    Taylor Woodland

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