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This Clutch is a Real Crowd Pleaser

This Clutch is a Real Crowd Pleaser

Amanda and I were getting all kinds of inspired by all of the boob bags out there, so we decided to make some ourselves! This was a really fun craft and I definitely think we will be making more of these little clutches with boobs and without because lets face it we are OBSESSED!!! 


We really just free handed this baby. We drew out some different options on scrap paper and tested the paintbrushes out. We tested the paintbrushes to see what kind of brush stroke we wanted to get and for what texture we wanted for the boobs. Then we just dove in and started painting on the canvas clutches. On the back we wanted a different texture for the smaller boobs so we drew with a marker and that was that. We do advise to put a paper towel in the clutch/bag because you don't want whatever medium you use to leak though to the other side of the bag... its not a good look!

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