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Tassel Wine Markers

Tassel Wine Markers

It's no secret that Amanda and I love ourselves some wine! Therefore we just went ahead and crafted up these little tassel ditties for our wine glasses because, hey the wine glasses should be pretty too! Am I right?!?


1. Wine glass

2. Thread

3. Paper clips

4. Glue

5. Duh, and wine for after!


Now for some direction:

1. Pick the colors desired for the wine markers.

2. Take the string and wrap it around your fingers to make a loop.

3. Take the string off your fingers and wrap string at the top of the loop to make the base of         the tassel.

4. Glue the string wrapped around the loop so it is secure.

5. Cut the opposite end of the tassel from where the base is to make the tassel. 

6. Feed the paper clip through the base of the tassel and connect the stem of the wine glass         with the paper clip!!! 


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