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Pretty Things

Pretty Things

We were super pleased with how our last window display turned out. Amanda and I were also kinda sad to take it down so we put it up in the dressing room so we can stare at it just a little longer. 

We will list steps below on how to craft these little ditties up!!


- Decide what you want to use to hang the embroidery hoops from. We went with a small      branch. 

- Different size embroidery hoops

- Lace from the fabric section at any craft or fabric store 

- Select a few types of ribbon 

- Transparent string 

Now for some direction!

1. Fill the embroidery hoop with the lace by cutting the lace to fit each size of embroidery hoop.

2. Now its time to tie the hoops to the branch with the transparent string (or whatever you decided to use for the base). We decided to tie a few different sizes at the top. We didn't want to put all the same sizes together. 

3.  Then after you tie all the hoops onto the base just start attaching the rest of the hoops together in whatever pattern makes sense to you.

4. When  you're finished putting all the hoops together you will want to make it prettier with the ribbon! After this step you're finished!!! 

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